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Driving the conversation for Japan’s leading luxury car brand


As one of Japan’s largest-selling premium vehicle manufacturers, Lexus know a thing or two about craft and innovation. So, when they needed to find a way to cement their status as a global luxury brand – and connect with new and future audiences in the process – they came to Winkreative for creative thinking that would put their mission in motion.


Our answer was ‘Driving Design Naturally’, a new campaign to place the brand as a denizen of the design world and bolstered Lexus’ reputation through their cultural presence.

The brand’s craft heritage, and their openness to inspiring design and culture-shaping ideas, provided the perfect jumping-off point for our strategic thinking and creative ideas.

This was a platform as multi-faceted as the brand itself – a holistic approach that included everything from a global magazine to bespoke products. At its heart was Intersect by Lexus, a revolutionary retail concept that shared the brand’s pioneering vision for the future of design. Launching in Tokyo’s Aoyama district, it brought the Lexus brand out of the suburbs and into the company of other design-focused luxury brands. Later expanding to Dubai and New York, it became a vital connection point for the brand – a place for new and existing customers to discover events, music, exhibitions, and Crafted for Lexus, a series of branded products specially created by Japanese artisans.

Across the board, our work represented Lexus’ ambition to venture further than expected. It’s an idea that came through in Beyond magazine, a publication covering lifestyle, culture and cars with an editorial approach that set the brand apart from competitors. And it inspired our creation of the Lexus Design Award – an international design competition that positions Lexus as a patron of the world’s next generation of design talent and, which a decade on, has only grown in stature and continues to support innovative excellence.

What we did

  • Campaign platform
  • Experience design
  • Content
  • Product design
Lexus Design Award
Intersect by Lexus
Inside Intersect Store
Beyond magazine for Lexus