Kindred Works — Placemaking

Foundations for better living

The United Property Resource Corporation have big ambitions – to provide secure and stable homes that answer Canada’s housing crisis, to provide as many opportunities to as many people as possible, and to rethink the entire development model in the process. To put them on the path to making their mission a reality, we created Kindred Works: a brand with a strategy, story and identity that celebrates their vision and encourages everyone to join the cause.


The United Property Resource Corporation (UPRC) is taking a unique offer and using it for the common good – transforming church properties across Canada to add obtainable housing and gathering spaces, and rethinking the entire development approach in the process. But to achieve their big ambitions, they first needed a vision and identity that everyone can rally around.


We helped UPRC define a guiding idea – that having secure, stable homes and gathering spaces is the most fundamental and lasting way for people to flourish. And with a manifesto to rally around, we found the brand a name: Kindred Works. Like the identity that followed, it represents a unique approach that unites business-like action and credibility with strong ideals and a conscious, collectivist mindset.

We were inspired by the organisation’s commitment to their ideals – and their willingness to use unconventional approaches, industry expertise and collective thinking to make them a reality.

The combination of practicality and partnership was at the heart of the identity we created. Built from individual, overlapping shapes, our logotype evokes ideas of coming together; of a project in the works and people belonging to something bigger. A considered colour palette and inclusive illustrations allow the brand to easily jump between professional and public audiences. And our tone of voice – the language of possibility – balances the brand’s hopeful vision with the need to build trust.

With a nuanced, emotionally resonant brand, and a suite of tools to help them deliver their message, Kindred Works are equipped and ready for a journey that could create benefits that last for generations.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Naming
  • Visual and verbal identity
  • Communications and content
  • Digital

Defining a purpose

We believe that people flourish when they belong somewhere, and that the journey of bringing people together is a collaborative one

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