Explora Journeys — Travel & Mobility

Embracing the ocean state of mind

Explora, the extraordinary new fleet from MSC Cruises, is designed to be a shining example of the best of ocean travel. To match this bold ambition, we developed an elegant brand and experience that’s enticing refined, adventurous and international luxury travellers who are on a continuous quest for the never before.


— Launch Explora Journeys as a refined, unparalleled ocean travel experience
— Build a brand world that speaks to the needs and desires of discerning explorers
— Create a sophisticated experience through every touchpoint


To be successful, Explora Journeys needed to connect with the mindsets, needs and tastes of a new type of modern luxury traveller that looks to broaden their world, engage their senses, discover the new and connect to an authentic expression of a place.

With this in mind, we built an identity and experience led not by function, and shaped Explora Journeys to embody the ocean state of mind – the way we experience discovery, wellbeing, excitement and reconnection during ocean escapes.

Buoyed by the essence of the ocean, we crafted an elegant brand inspired by the possibilities of new horizons and the connections made on new shores, and applied it across the full Explora Journeys experience, including the crest that stands proudly 
on the mast, the names of the rooms below deck, and the products available on board. 
The result is a brand that’s rich in texture and detail – just like the destinations the 
ship visits.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Experience strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Ship design
  • Digital design

Being in love with the sea and where it takes us. Feeling how the ocean, uniquely, connects you with yourself, people and the places around you.