Zurich Insurance

Data story

It’s not so complicated

Zurich Insurance asked Winkreative to help them define and bring to life their ‘data commitment’, the company’s approach to handling customer data. Winkreative saw an opportunity to take the complex issues of data privacy and security and turn them into something an audience could engage with and even care about. Featuring charming character design, a light-hearted animation style and a conversational tone, the resulting film focussed on Zurich’s transparency around personal data, as well as their ambition to use that same data to drive innovative services.

Insurance, personified

Inspired by Zürich’s canton flag, we split our animation in two, with a personification of Zurich in the blue half, and a character representing the customer in the white. Jump cuts between transitions help convey the immediacy of data passing between the two parties.

Swiss precision

Text overlays outlining Zurich’s data commitment are accompanied by animations illustrating a series of Zurich’s innovative services. The role of the film is to communicate this commitment with clarity and honesty. No jargon or pretence.

Picture this

Illustration was a new creative territory for Zurich. It allowed them to deliver an important message with humanity and wit.

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