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Creating a refreshing new bank brand

Until recently, banking in Azerbaijan felt a little stuffy. The industry needed a jolt of energy to change the behaviour of consumers, who often didn’t use banks  to take care of their money. After a merger of two regional banking groups, we were asked to develop a new brand for Azerbaijanis looking for better service and quality. But how do you build a brand that connects when people aren’t particularly interested in banking?

For the logotype, we were inspired by the bank’s surroundings. Look long enough at the landscape and art of Azerbaijan,  and you start to see angular patterns reveal themselves again and again. Taking naturally occurring shapes as building blocks for our visual world felt like a fitting celebration of the country’s proud heritage. The composition of these forms created a sense of forward movement, giving the impression of a brand that is progressive and future-facing.

The landscape of Azerbaijan also comes through in the brand’s primary colour palette – hues of yellow, white, black and sandstone that burst to life across Yelo’s visual communications, including stationery, signage and ATMs. And finally, we needed to consider how Yelo would speak – not just what the brand would say, but also how it was said. This went for everything from our written communications in print and online to in-person at branches. A tone of voice designed to change the game for how banks communicate in Azerbaijan.

“Yelo Bank has been awarded the most innovative corporate rebranding strategy in Azerbaijan for 2020. The contribution from the Winkreative team to this success cannot be overestimated.”

Gunay Jalilova, Chief Growth Officer

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