Western bathrooms get an Eastern education

Bringing Japanese-designed Clean Technology to Europe

Having become acquainted with TOTO during our travels in Japan, Winkreative took on the task of launching the country’s leading toilet and sanitary ware brand in Europe in 2009. We developed the strategy, conceptual approach and creative direction to allow the brand to spread its ‘Clean Technology’ ethos. The campaign carried this message through in-store and exhibition design, printed marketing materials and animations, educating European audiences about the many benefits of traditional Japanese bathroom culture.

A world of wellbeing

To demonstrate that the bathroom can be a place for wellbeing, we created TOTO’s exhibition for the 2013 ISH trade show in Frankfurt. In addition to art direction, promotional films, signage and advertisements, we commissioned MACH Architektur and a selection of Japanese architects to design the showroom.

A simple introduction

Simplicity was key to communicating TOTO’s product benefits to an entirely new audience. With this in mind we designed a series of icons and clear diagrams, making the TOTO experience as accessible and understandable as possible.

Putting TOTO in the picture

Our second campaign focused on a ‘Perfect Bathroom. Perfect Day’ concept. The brochure and campaign film plotted different points in the day where TOTO could facilitate greater wellbeing.

Since launching in Europe in 2009, TOTO sales have doubled year-on-year

The Guardian, February 2018

The perfect day

An animation uses Malika Favre’s illustrations to show the role of TOTO in the perfect day, while a concept film explores sensual lighting techniques and the bathroom as a centre of wellbeing.

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