The Flynn

A building with character

Introducing New York’s most desirable new address

How do you make a new development stand out in one of the world’s most competitive property markets? First, you establish a memorable name – enter The Flynn – then create a namesake character to personify the charisma and style of the building and surrounding neighbourhood. From an animated trailer running in Manhattan cinemas to a pop-up theatre performance in the windows of the marketing suite, The Flynn certainly got people talking.

An animated place

A lively and fun animation, created in collaboration with production studio Art & Graft, was at the heart of The Flynn’s campaign and digital presence. Teaser clips were used for online promotion, while the full 60-second version ran on the website and as a trailer in a number of downtown Manhattan cinemas.

Personal identity

The Flynn’s identity was designed to reflect both the building’s architecture and grey stone façade, and the flair of our animated protagonist, represented through the F marque and contrasting use of pale pink. The logotype was engraved in the building’s entrance and applied to hoarding as well as digital and print material.

Print matters

The Flynn’s animated cast of characters also appeared in print advertising and a sales brochure. To accompany the brochure, we produced individual fold-out floorplans for each apartment, which were given to prospective buyers on appointment.

A fresh new language for luxury property developers worldwide to look to

The Telegraph, December 2015

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