The Avior

When two become one

Branding a refined Tokyo residence

How do you unify two separate residential buildings? This was the challenge faced by global developer Westbank and Tokyo-based architects OSO. The Avior merges the best of European and Japanese architectural values with a sophisticated sense of duality that Winkreative carried through the brand’s identity and communications.

The double star

Our name The Avior is derived from a binary double star that appears from the earth as one. The logotype and marque reflect its geometric external façade – a giant, lattice-like structure that separates building from street while creating interplay between light and shadow.

Life at The Avior

Our brochure sets out the architectural vision for The Avior, while colourful illustrations bring to life the vibrancy of Tokyo’s Minami-Aoyama area and the desirable lifestyle it offers. The brochure was produced in both Japanese and English, designed to be presented together.

“It’s in the layering of weighty and flighty elements, the blending of European and Japanese aesthetics, that The Avior comes to life.”

Esteban Ochogavia, OSO

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