Loews Hotels

The home of American hospitality

Revitalising an iconic hotel brand

With properties in prime North American locations and a fiercely independent spirit, Loews Hotels already made each location special but there was an opportunity to create a more unified story. Loews Hotels invites weary travellers to feel refreshed, revived and once again human – an insight that led us to the new positioning of ‘Humanity of Travel’. This brought previously disparate hotels together under a single brand, with a refreshed identity that draws on key cultural and heritage themes of iconic Americana.

Singing off the same sheet

Taking the lead from the new positioning, we wrote and designed a brand book that details everything the staff at Loews Hotels – whether marketing, operations or front of house – need to know about the brand.

‘Our brand positioning gives us a clear path to build on our foundations and differentiate our hotels in the long run’

Nicolas Hauvespre, SVP of Marketing, Loews Hotels

A brand in your pocket

To help all Loews staff to live and breathe the new brand, we created a succinct and portable distillation of the larger brand book. This pocket-sized guide gives staff the information they need at a glance.

Down to the last detail

Our photographic art direction draws on classic Americana motifs, while handwritten notes add to Loews’ sense of humanity.

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