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Building a visual language for The Wealth Report

Packed with financial trends and investment opportunities from more than 100 countries, The Wealth Report has become essential reading for investors and a vital communications tool for Knight Frank. It is a global platform that positions the company as an industry thought leader. After Winkreative produced the 2015 report, the property company returned in 2016 for a special edition celebrating the publication’s 10th anniversary, which built on the design language established the previous year.

Crafting clarity from complexity

The Wealth Report contains an abundance of data from an array of sources. We developed the report’s distinctive at-a-glance infographics and illustrations, which clarify often complex data in a visually engaging and understandable manner.

Data and diamonds

The geometry of the diamond, the shape present in the negative space of the Knight Frank logo, formed the core of every infographic in the reports. The key colour distinct to each chapter was expanded on in the infographics with a range of complementary colours, and we also utilised 3D visualisation to keep the data engaging.

The report is Knight Frank’s market-leading global research publication and reflects our aim to be a constant source of trusted guidance

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