King’s Road

Walking the walk

A new identity for the place to shop and be seen

British landowner Cadogan worked with Winkreative to develop a new brand identity and website for King’s Road that builds on the themes of reinvention and evolution – ‘the road in motion’ – celebrating the continuous flow of life on King’s Road, now and in the future.

Bold as brass

Our logotype is constructed with a bold sans serif typeface and is cut directly down the centre of the ‘S’, evoking the constant movement and reinvention of King’s Road. A complimentary headline system, with contrasting  typography reflects the road’s historic elements of ‘monarchy’ and ‘anarchy’, while our primary colour palette shouts King’s Road’s new identity from the rooftops.

‘King’s Road must balance its iconic heritage with an openness to creativity and innovation.’

Hugh Seaborn, CEO of Cadogan

Build a road

The King’s Road’s spirit of invention and reinvention – from Mary Quant’s miniskirt to Vivienne Westwood’s tartan two-piece – has never really gone away. That’s why our website needed to capture some of that zip and verve, conjuring a vivid visual world that glories in the past, present and future of King’s Road.

Let’s work together