Security without the scare tactics

Building a brand for a rapidly growing business

Montréal-based Genetec has a positive vision for a safer, simpler, more connected world. Since 2013, Winkreative has been helping Genetec define, articulate and communicate its vision. We developed a strategic foundation, visual identity and editorial approach that reflects the quality of Genetec’s technology and positions them as the industry thought leader. The new brand is helping Genetec launch an ever-expanding range of products and innovations and enter new global markets with confidence.

‘Winkreative reawakened in us the need to actually build visually, emotionally resonant stories around our technology that honour the curiosity and intellect of our channel partners and our end users’

Andrew Elvish, Vice-President, Marketing and Product Management

Street smarts

Citywise forms part of a series of thought-leadership books we’ve written and produced for Genetec. It offers a platform for the company to engage experts in their field to discuss emerging trends and pioneering solutions for safer, more fluid modern cities.

A vision in motion

To visually articulate how Genetec sustains the momentum of everyday life, we commissioned various photoshoots around the world. Shot from Los Angeles to Brisbane, Tokyo and Amsterdam, the resulting imagery contains a sense of uninterrupted movement on a macro scale.

Helping airports aim higher

Airports was the first thought-leadership book from Genetec that was specific to a particular industry. This book shines a light on operations at large and small airports across the world, and how Genetec software can help them meet their everyday security and congestion challenges.

Connecting the dots

Every Genetec product brochure is distinctive yet feels part of a suite. On top of an at-a-glance graphic system based on colour, we devised an intricate dot pattern. Each dot configuration correlates with the function of the particular software.

Meeting the brand

Genetec has a distinct presence at trade shows, with intelligence-based product brochures, meeting areas, on-site product demos and messaging and imagery focused on analytics.

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