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A business guide to human-centred AI

Artificial Intelligence is creating new business models, products and services and changing the way we live our lives. The Digital Shift is a book that explores how organisations and business leaders can positively employ AI by taking a human approach. Working with authors Christian von Reventlow and Philipp Thesen, who share valuable insights from their time at Deutsche Telekom, we edited, designed and produced this fascinating addition to one of the great discussion topics in business today.


Designed to be a practical handbook, we produced
The Digital Shift in a handy compact format. Each chapter opens with an executive summary and three tangible actions for the CEO, leading into an in-depth case study and a thought-provoking essay.

A human touch

A photo essay shot by Vincent Fournier showcases the Design Gallery, a space created by Deutsche Telekom to share and test its latest technological innovations with industry partners. Illustrations by Matt Blease are used throughout the book to add warmth, humour and a sense of humanity.

“Artificial Intelligence must become a tool for everyone – a technology that helps, not hinders humans from becoming sovereign agents”.

Christian von Reventlow and Philipp Thesen, The Digital Shift

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