Colombo No.7

Sri Lankan spice

Distilling the spirit of Asia’s first handcrafted gin

After documenting the story of Ceylon Arrack, we were asked to take a fresh look at its sister brand, Colombo No.7 gin, a London Dry style with a distinctly Sri Lankan twist. We needed to communicate the gin’s unique 70-year-old spiced recipe and a real sense of place. We captured Sri Lanka’s vibrant colours, sights and sounds in a series of images and films, giving the viewer an insider’s perspective on the island’s hospitality, culture and flora and fauna.

Seven spices

Colombo No.7 gin is distilled to a 70-year-old recipe using seven spices and botanicals, including Sri Lanka’s native cinnamon, curry leaves and ginger. We renamed it Colombo No.7 and updated the logotype to bring this story to the forefront.

Distilled to a unique recipe using seven spices and botanicals, Colombo No.7 is a distinctly Sri Lankan take on a London Dry Gin.

A taste for travel

Our brand campaign presents an insider’s view of Sri Lanka though the eyes of Colombo No.7. Shot by French travel photographer Martin Bruno, the images focus on unexpected and vibrant combinations of colour and texture. An interactive website extends the invitation to explore.

The full picture

To add further depth to the Sri Lankan story, we art directed and produced a film in collaboration with Montréal-based director Melissa Matos. The film’s sense of pace, colour, light and movement captures Sri Lanka’s unique beauty and atmosphere, emphasising the connection between product and place.

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