Ceylon Arrack

A natural narrative

Crafting stories for a Sri Lankan distillery

We worked with Rockland Distilleries to introduce Ceylon Arrack, Sri Lanka’s national coconut-based liquor, to a European audience. The remarkable way in which the drink is made became central to our narrative. Nimble ‘toddy tappers’ tightrope from tree to tree to extract the coconut sap by hand, which is then naturally distilled over time. This leisurely pace informed our photography, film, website and print publications, inviting the audience to enjoy Ceylon Arrack in true Sri Lankan style.

Drawn from nature

The brand identity represents a precious drop of coconut sap used to make arrack, while the bottle design features a pattern derived from coconut trees. Ceylon Arrack appears on the menus of restaurants such as Hoppers in London, and retailers including Harvey Nichols.

A toddy tapper’s valiant efforts on between four and six trees will, eventually, bring one 700ml bottle of arrack


Adventures in paradise

The marvellous coconut plays a starring role in the story of Ceylon Arrack, detailed in The Adventure of Arrack book alongside a full account of Rockland Distilleries’ fascinating and rich history.

Packing a punch

As well as communicating what arrack is and how it’s made, we needed to demonstrate how to drink it. Identifying that arrack was the original base for punch, we produced the Ceylon Arrack Guide to Punch to illustrate myriad ways to enjoy the tipple.

In the trees

Film is at the heart of the website, showing the toddy tappers’ valiant efforts to collect the coconut sap and the unhurried nature of the arrack production process.

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